Below is a video with samples of The Options.

Split Screen

This is the is the same as picture in pictue, but instead of the interview in the lower corner, both sides will be next to each other. It's more of a MTV look

Questions & Answer Segment

We will ask three specific questions to the bride and groom, but at separate times. Then we match the answers up and see how close they are together. It's like the Newlywed game before the service.

Song of the Day

In this option, we take clips from the service and reception and interweave a song of your choice. The song could be a singer you had at your Wedding, or maybe a song  from your first dance

Photos from Birth to Present

You will provide us  with about 25 photos of the bride growing up, then 25 photos of the groom growing up and finally a song for each. We will then create a pictorial that you can show at your rehershal or reception It's always a crowd pleaser!

Options from Stephen Maltz on Vimeo.

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